Friends of Tyrannus

A brief time of devotion:  re-connecting with the One who has called us

Psalm 42

We have all experienced “wilderness” as we have sought to carry out our calling “to lead.”


You know….those times that lack motivation;  when inspiration has seemed to dry up;  times when we just can’t even find the presence of God.  We’ve all been there.


Oh!  We’ve had many many times when we’ve been able to serve others….lead them to experience the richness of God’s grace;  help them to find productivity in their lives.  But when caught in the wilderness we can’t even find God for ourselves


Unfortunately….during those time we all too often put on a “mask.”  After all, we don’t want those who are following us;  who are looking to us to lose heart…lose confidence….or to bail out.  So we fake it


Faking it never works.  Oh, it may give the impression of success….short-term!  But, long-term, faking it never works…it’s just not sustainable.  See you can’t lead a people beyond where you stand.


This Psalm has brought to me four significant lessons from the life of this….a profoundly effective Servant-Leader.

  1. Be honest with yourself and the state you are in
  2. Cry-out to the One who has called you. HE is faithful.  Cry-out for personal renewal
  3. Refuse to fake it. Yes we want to teach and declare “Truth”…but beyond our exhortations, we want to Model the Truth.
  4. Finally…we bind our view of the future to the Truth we encounter in Him.


Friends of Tyrannus want to see you enthused, inspired, motivated;  we want to see you thrive


Why do you feel cast down?  Why are you disquieted;  disturbed within?

Hope in God

He will help you