Leadership Development

Our Desire:  For You to Thrive

In Your Calling — As a Leader — In Your Service


…in your work produced by faith

…your labor prompted by love

…and your endurance inspired by hope

1Thessalonians 1.3

Leadership Development … It’s all right there in these two words.  The growth and fruitfulness (productivity) of every organization is directly tied to the growth and development of the lives of the leaders.


Those that have been invited to serve on Leadership Teams are High Capacity    people.    When it comes to things like character, discipline, competency, and commitment…these are our high capacity people.


I would like to meet with you and the members of your leadership team.  We could meet via Zoom.

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 The unfortunate observation I have made over my years engaged in  Servant-Leadership, is that this highly valued capacity is often spent…even exhausted on the demands of the immediate;  the challenges of the maintenence;…that which insists that we address it NOW!

I am inviting you to an opportunity to invest in the lives of your leaders AND the vitality of your Team.

Let’s pull the team together  and focus together on a Big Ticket Issue.  An issue that, though is not immediately applied….it would be that issue that would cut a path forward towards a preferred future for your Church, your Base, your School…..your organization

We would pick a topic together.  Then set aside 4 to 6 weeks to focus, discuss, learn….develop as a team.

I could prepare for and lead the weekly studies…the discussions.  But you and your team-mates would actively engage.  Together we would find the wisdom that the Lord holds out to us; a wisdom that would set our course forward.

 Big Ticket Issues — Some Examples:

7 Marks of a Fruitful Disciple-maker

Small Group Ministries

Gift-Oriented Service

Practical Tools for Disciple-making Like Jesus

Discipleship:  Mission and Culture

Pillars to a Healthy Church Community

How to Turn Consumers Into Missionaries

Emotionally Healthy Church Family

Principles that Govern a Discipleship Movement

We could even host a Clinic….A Seminar

Preaching — Teaching Clinic.  Practical Hermeneutics

And the goal…..that you, your team, and your organization would thrive in the calling that God has set in you;  a potential that needs to be re-discovered!





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