On-site Seminars


On-site Seminars


While I appreciate the Technologies of Connection that we have discovered during this season of Corona Virus;  video conferencing tools like Zoom (I am a fan of Zooming).

I do appreciate both the accessibility and convenience that Zoom offers.

But Face-to-Face will always trump Online.

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 Julie and I want you to know that On-Site Seminars is a very real possibility.


Remember….the goal is always to serve you…to partner with you and your organization or Church body…..Our Desire is that You Would Thrive.

If you believe a live, Face-to-Face, seminar would serve your growth and development then that is exactly what we want to do with you. 

Together we would identify the right time, the format, and the topic.

Think of it….a long weekend seminar, especially constructed to strengthen your leadership team.  We could build a significant seminar….Thursday evening, Friday evening,  All Day Saturday, and then Sunday with the full congregation or the people that make up your organization.

There are a lot of ways that we could use the time.

And the focused-topic…..You know what would be best!

We could chase after a  Big Ticket Issue

Some Examples:

7 Marks of a Fruitful Disciple maker

Small Group Ministries

Gift-Oriented Service

Practical Tools for Disciple-making Like Jesus

Discipleship:  Mission and Culture

Pillars to a Healthy Church Community

How to Turn Consumers Into Missionaries

Emotionally Healthy Church Family

Principles that Govern a Discipleship Movement

 Think of the impact such a seminar could have on your ministry

You could also leverage the seminar in a collaborative manner.  Inviting the leadership teams of other Church bodies or Christian organizations.  Such a collaborative effort would advance the unity and fruitfulness of our shared calling.

I like Zoom and am appreciative of the opportunities that distance coaching, support, and teaching have opened up for us.  But being together…Face-to-Face…discovering the potential of your calling together….this could be a Big Ticket event!!!!

Let us know how we might partner with you.




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