Meet The Stewarts

In the Autumn of 2021 Randy & Julie will celebrate 50 years of Marital Partnership.

Yes!  We will have been married 50 years.

“Partners” is definitely the key word to their relationship and their sense of mission.

Randy & Julie have been in Pastoral Ministry for over 40 years.


  • Growing as Followers of Jesus and Making Disciples of Jesus….
  • Planting a Church Body in Maine….
  • Equipping Men and Women, Christian Leaders; commissioned to serve within the Church, the Community, the Marketplace, and within Schools and Training Forums.
  • Investing in Christian Marriages through Seminars, Conferences, and Retreats
  • Passionately involved in both Humanitarian Ministries and Leadership Development in Under-Developed and Cross-Cultural Parts of the World



We love the Lord Jesus and are hungry for His presence and guidance. 

We love His mission.  We love His Church;  His people. 

And we love, and are committed to the welfare of His Servant-Leaders. 

God’s calling on these Men and Women is rich and….

Our Desire is that they Thrive

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