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Kenza Haddock, the Clinical Director of Oceanic Counseling Group in the greater Myrtle Beach, SC area.


What is “Anxiety?”

“Anxiety” is our reaction to a situation that we perceive as either stressful or dangerous.

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 So…How should we respond to anxiety?


Three Key Principles that are meant to be experienced and modeled for others

Modeling truth is a key.  Jesus Himself did not come only to teach content;  He came to “be” truth.

I am the way, the truth, and the life…”


The first Key Principle:  Stewardship of our time.

Remaining intentionally conscious of the reality that throughout our day…..God is with us

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 The second Key Principle:  Boundaries and Accountability

We must identify and draw a line between “I am responsible for you” and

“I am responsible to you.”

This is a fine line but an important line

Crossing this line adds to our anxiety and all too often we cross it.

An Accountability Partner will help us identify and honor our Boundaries.

The third Key Principle:  Do not major on the minors

We need to be faithful to our calling and “stay in our lanes.”

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How can a leader care for him or her self when it comes to anxiety?

The  S.  T.  O. P.  technique


S          Stop


T         Take a Deep Breath.  A real. physical, and in the moment, Deep Breath


O         Observe what is going on within you & Observe what is going on around you


P          Pproceed Mindfully