Ignited Ministries International Founded in 1998 Kathy’s desire for Ignited Ministries has been clear:  to help ignite a fresh passion for Jesus as well as a passion to know what our purpose is. Charity has realized along the way, that the Lord has used Ignited Ministries to create a platform, or an environment, for men and women to discover and use the gifts that the Holy Spirit has set in their lives. During this prolonged COVID season, Kathy and Charity have discovered the value of on-line ministry;  connecting with men and women all over the world. Weekly Facebook Live opportunities…Monthly online Webinars addressing topics such as “hearing the voice of God” or “overcoming the pressure of anxiety.” Kathy and Charity Campbell love Jesus….and love the people of Jesus.  Driven by a desire to honor Jesus and advance the agenda of His Kingdom, Kathy and Charity have entered into many opportunities that the Lord has openned to them;  both here in the States as well as overseas. www.friendsoftyrannus.com www.ignitedministries.org #discipleship   #discipleship2021   #christianleadership @morningstar   @elimfellowship   @ignitedministries