Psalm 127:  Be careful where you place your security


As I consider this shared devotional time, my interest is peeked as I look at one of the Songs of Ascent


Released from Babylon…on pilgrimage back to Jerusalem;  the ancient people referred to their journey as The Ascent.  AS they journeyed towards Jerusalem others would join them;  they would join in on the celebration and the singing…these Psalms (120 through 134) became their song book….they joined in the journey.


That is what I am hoping these devotional times are for us….a shared journey.  AS the Lord encourages you;  pray that the same encouragement will visit the “others” who have joined the journey.


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Unless the Lord builds the house

Unless the Lord is at the center to our planning, our efforts;  the practice and outworkings of our calling…Unless our efforts are Christ-centered, we will spend our resources with no hope of a return.  We will have labored in vain.


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Effective…Fruitful Christian Leaders do not merely include God in their efforts, they make the Lord absolutely central to all they do.

Seeking His initiative

In pursuit of His agenda

Motivated by His honor

Sustained by the grace of His encouragement


Motivation and Security:  Not in the wisdom or support of those we lead…but in the Lord


Challenges related to Our Security and the People we serve

(1).  People cannot provide permanent security

(2). Never put your emotional health in the hands of others

(3). Our spiritual and emotional well-being should be dependent on “truth”…and  in particular on Him who is the truth

                        (4). People’s experience will affect their input and influence.

Anxious people will breed doubt and anxiety

Hurting people tend to hurt others

Even people in the midst of celebration can be un-realistic in their optimism

(5). When we look to;  become dependent on;  or put expectation on people   regarding what only God can do…it almost always leads to sleepless nights,  anxiety, and TROUBLE.


But….When the Lord builds a house…We will know rest, peace and security.