Discernment:  Are you prepared to change your mind

The Apostle exercised discernment through out his ministry

Selecting New Leaders

Building the right people into his team…at the right time

How he would present himself in the Roman Courtroom

AND deciding what the next step was in his ministry pursuit

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Here we see a compelling example of keen discernment.  He “heard” and responded faithfully to the Holy Spirit’s “Not Here….No Not Here…..Over There.”

It has been my observation that men and women with a keenly developed sense of discernment seem to share some common traits

They seem to be active listeners

There seems to be a “built-in” gift of intuition…or perception

They seem to be well networked…Men and Women who value collaboration.

Realizing that there is often wisdom hidden in the counsel of others

And then there is a meekness found in flexibility….able to adapt

And finally….the ever-present we-can-do-this optimism

Turning away from Asia and embracing the Macedonian Call was a pivotal time in the Apostle’s life and ministry

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