There are a lot of ways…various ways that you and I serve as Christian Leaders;         Servant-Leaders;  Influencers

In this brief devotional time let’s you and I press into HIM, and as we press into Jesus, let’s renew our commitment to support one another.

Here in the text before us, we see that Paul recognizes the calling that directs his life…to make clear, to everyone, the mystery of God.  But he goes on, calling out to the Church (the people he serves);  that they are called to make known the manifold wsdom of God.

Paul recognized that he was called to be a steward…Paul encourages the Church of his day, but also of our day;  to serve as stewards.

You and I, as individuals as well as the people and organizations that we lead;  that we serve…Stewards of the grace, wisdom, and the revealed mystery of God