Why Tyrannus? From this “hall” we find the entry point to Ephesus

Why Tyrannus? Note the inordinate impact….influence
…so that all who dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord
…God worked unusual miracles by Paul

All of this came from a mini-Bible College held at the Hall of Tyrannus

Here and through out Paul’s life of ministry we see Paul’s level of commitment
Committed to the People
Committed to the Process
Committed to the singular…focused…compelling Purpose…
the Great Commission

Paul committed to developing leaders….Great Commission Leaders

You and I are called to the same commitment as we develop others
• Know yourself…strengths and weaknesses
• Know the person you are investing in.
• Re-enforce the “Why” that supports “What” we do and “How” we do it
• Do NOT compromise the Mission….the Commission
• Invest Relational Currency
• Evaluate…Affirm…Support

Build a Cadre of Great Commission Leaders

Our desire at friends of Tyrannus is not merely that you survive or even succeed….but that you experience inordinate impact and influence. Our desire is that you thrive in your calling….in your Mission