About Friends of Tyrannus


What if Friends of Tyrannus could serve you in such a way that you would thrive. You…Your team….The organization you lead and the people you serve……Thrive
… in your work produced by faith
… your labor prompted by love
… and your endurance inspired by hope
(1Thessalonians 1.3)

The Apostle once exhorted “… walk worthy of the calling …” (Ephesians 4.1)

Through the use of Video Conferencing we could provide an Online Coaching opportunity, or (Online Leadership Development) an opportunity for you and the members of your leadership team to be equipped and encouraged, studying together.

And because, sometimes face-to-face is better then a Video Conference, we could arrange On-Site opportunities. We could set up a weekend seminar for you, your team members, and for those you serve; an opportunity for instruction, exhortation, and motivation…an opportunity to grow together; develop together….an opportunity to Thrive together.

Together we can do this!

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