These little devotional meditations are not meant to be daily.

I mean…our schedules are already full AND I do not want to interrupt the routine that you have established.

BUT regularity is the key.  These Devotional Meditations that are especially crafted for leaders.


Actually it is good knowing that other leaders are looking at;  considering;  and praying into the same kind of devotional that you are.  We are part, together, of a significant and honorable cadre:  Christian Servant-Leaders.


Here we are considering the longest Psalm of the Bible.

Psalm 119 is an absolutely genius form of literature.

176 verses divided into 22  8-verse sections.

With the verses of each section started with the 22 consecutive letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


And all of that…revolving around one central theme:  The Word of God.


AS Leaders we know that we cannot really show the “way” to others if we don’t know the “way” ourselves.  We need to know and embrace the “Way”


Almost on a daily basis Servant-Leaders must face two realities.

(1). The reality of “Change”.  Often uninvited change…change that can happen fast!

(2). The need for wisdom…wise values that are tested by which we can lead our people and organizations to navigate safely and effectively the course before us…littered with “change.”


So let’s press into Psalm 119 together


Take a look at the “zeta” section…the 6th 8-verse section of Psalm 119.

Verses 41 through 48


Verse 42 points us to the reality that God’s Word gives us the insight and courage to face criticism


Verse 45 shows us that HIS precepts will direct us in a way that we can know and enjoy true freedom;  thus equipping us to serve and lead others to that freedom


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