A Devotional Time

Psalm 1


As leaders we know how busy…how demanding our lives can become.  There are expectations that the organizations we lead place on us….and rightly so….


AND then there are the expectations that we put on ourselves.  We can push ourselves;  expect more from ourselves;  make demands of ourselves that nobody else would even put on us.


And in the midst of the challenges, the busyness, the meetings….the ever building agenda… it’s all too easy to lose our connection with the very one who has called us.


We have been exhorted to live out our calling with faithfulness and passion.  BUT we must be reminded of HIM who has called us.  We are to live worthy of our calliing but to do so we must stay engaged with the ONE who has called us.


A regular time of “devotion”….a time where our focus is pulled from our calling and put on the ONE who has called us.


This little “Devotional Time” gives us the opportunity to re-engage;  to reset our focus on HIM;  to re-ignite our affections on HIM who loves us.


And so I invite you to this time.


Together we will consider the wisdom and encouragement of the Psalms.

We will look together through the lens of our calling as Christian Leaders….Servant-Leaders


Psalm 1:  How should we build our inner-circle;  those men and women we look to for counsel, encouragment, and accountability.  In a world swimming in bad counsel;  wrong counsel;  sometimes eveil counsel….how can we build an inner-circle of wise counsel.


I think you’ll enjoy our time together….I think you’ll find the time beneficial to you….and as we discover the wisdom and grace of the ONE who has called us, I think you’ll thrive in your calling.